The changing
face of law

Merali Beedle is an innovative law firm offering dynamic, high quality legal advice. We have built a reputation for excellence, responsiveness and a highly personalised service.

Our lawyers are responsible for developing their own client relationships, and are rewarded based on their performance. As a result we have recruited a team of elite, experienced lawyers who are motivated by a desire to build and maintain close relationships with happy clients.

“Law is a great career path if lawyers join a firm like ours. We give lawyers the support to build up a client base and autonomy on marketing to allow them to run very successful practises”
Adam Merali, Co-Founder
“Merali Beedle provides a friendly, supportive environment where excellent lawyers can flourish. We are not and do not want to become a platform - we continue to grow organically when we meet top lawyers who are looking to gain more control over their lives and be rewarded properly for their efforts.”
Nico Beedle, Co-Founder

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