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The founders set up Merali Beedle because they were unhappy sitting at the same desk every day, earning the same salary regardless of what they did.

Our business model gives our lawyers control over their lives.  We have realised that incentivising lawyers with a significant share of the profits helps us to recruit people with a track record of building and maintaining client relationships.  

We put you in charge, offering you the structure and support of a traditional law firm while giving you complete flexibility over when and where you work.  

We are recruiting entrepreneurial, experienced solicitors who are looking for something different and want to break free from the traditional law firm model. Working with us means your income will be based on the work you do, rather than how many hours you spend in the office.

Please email Adam ( and Nico ( if you would like to hear more.

Once you’ve experiencd freedom, you’ll never go back!

After a long career working for traditional City law firms, the last two decades as a partner, I was fed up being on the same old treadmill. I heard that there was a better way of working that could result in a higher level of income for less time invested. It sounded too good to be true, but I was then introduced to Merali Beedle. I’m happier at work than I’ve ever been and I have more time for myself and family, yet I am working just as hard as before building my business and working alongside my new team in a highly supportive and encouraging culture.

Merali Beedle is different from other challenger or virtual firms; it has an actual office in a terrific part of town and lawyers are encouraged to come in as often as they wish as there is no charge to rent ‘hot desk’ space. I enjoy working alongside other lawyers, rather than operating remotely (although I can do this too when it suits me) as this fosters a team culture for peer reviews, collaboration, knowledge sharing and problem solving.

Whilst it’s good for me, it is great for clients, who get fee transparency, competitive rates, and direct contact with the lawyer undertaking the work, not layers of junior lawyers. Our income is based on fees paid, not bills delivered, so we have every reason to go above and beyond the client’s expectations, not to run up the clock.

The best of all worlds

Having enjoyed working in the more ‘traditional’ set up, it took me a short while to adjust to the relaxed atmosphere at Merali Beedle. Having made the transition, I could never imagine going back. I really do have the best of all worlds – I get to look after my clients as I choose, on my timetable and without the pressure of targets and time recording, which leaves leaving me able to devise my schedule to suit my family as well. It is the perfect environment for a practitioner wanting to work but also wanting flexibility to maximise their time.

Better balance, more control

I joined Merali Beedle from a large City law firm. I have a young family at home and was seeking a better work / life balance and more control over the work I do. I was really made to feel welcome by Nico, Adam and the whole team. I work almost entirely from home, which allows me to be around for my children, but I can pop into the office whenever I want. I also have access to all the IT systems and knowledge base that I need. Merali Beedle really does offer me a way to continue to do good quality work while also juggling my family life. It is a forward-thinking, exciting place to work and I am very much enjoying it.