Katherine is a well-respected and dynamic family solicitor with over 15 years experience, who puts the best interests of her clients at the heart of everything that she does.

Katherine combines an in-depth knowledge of family law with an exceptional ability to put her clients at ease and reassure them that their interests will be protected and promoted at all times. Her clients appreciate her compassionate, practical and pragmatic approach.

Wherever possible, Katherine will work towards an amicable resolution of matters. However, where issues become contested, Katherine combines a sharp eye for detail with the ability to work strategically and robustly to ensure that the client’s goals will be achieved.

Having represented clients at Court hearings throughout her legal career, Katherine can personally advocate on behalf of her clients where appropriate, or will select a suitable barrister and work together with them to achieve the best outcome for the client.

Katherine regularly attends training and networking events with other family law professionals and keeps herself fully informed as to all the developments in family law.

Katherine meets clients throughout Oxfordshire, the Thames Valley region and in London.Online meetings can be arranged for clients that are further afield.

Katherine’s experience includes:

  • Preparing or reviewing pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements, and advising in relation to these;
  • Preparing cohabitation agreements;
  • Advising married and unmarried parties upon separation and preparing separation agreements;
  • Advising and representing clients in relation to child arrangements, to include agreeing living arrangements for the children, and if necessary applying to the Court;
  • Advising clients in relation to domestic abuse and making applications for non-molestation orders and occupation orders;
  • Representing clients in relation to relocation of children, both within the country or overseas;
  • Advising on financial settlement upon divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership, to include referral to mediation and advising alongside the mediation process, and drawing up the agreed financial order at the end of the process
  • Representing clients at Court in relation to disputed financial settlements, with expertise in pension arrangements and cases where there are multiple properties

"We highly recommend Merali Beedle to our Clients - their proactive and commercial approach ensures best quality service from start to finish and deadlines are met without fail  Cannot fault the team in any capacity - they are always available and a real pleasure to work with."

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