Whether you are an individual or business, we can guide you through all UK immigration laws, providing you with bespoke immigration advice for your application.

We have clients from all over the world, and deal with applications ranging from simple tourist visas to complex corporate and entrepreneurial visas. We build our client relationships through quality advice, trust and mutual respect, taking time to understand our clients' requirements and unique circumstances.

Fixed fees are offered wherever possible, on all visa applications (excluding Appeals and Judicial Reviews).

Areas of expertise include:

  • tourist visas

  • marriage & civil partners

  • spouses & unmarried partners

  • EEA family visas

  • settlement

  • British citizenship

  • entrepreneur visas (Tier 1)

  • investor visas (Tier 1)

  • Tier 2 general visas and extensions

  • Tier 2 intra-company transfer visas

  • Tier 5 visas

  • sponsorship and licence management

  • advice on recruiting non-UK & EEA Nationals

  • preventing illegal working

  • objections to civil penalties and appeals following service of enforcement notices

  • dealing with overseas employees after a takeover or merger

  • landlord’s right to rent checks

  • landlord’s civil penalties

  • assisting with Home Office compliance visits

  • appeals

  • Judicial Reviews

Specifically for businesses, we offer an Immigration Audit. This is a unique and valuable support service, during which we will meet with you or your Human Resources staff at your premises and ensure that the important document checks that are required for each foreign worker which you employ have been carried out.

We will also deal with any query raised by the Border & Immigration Agency and follow up with each employee that they too have made the corresponding applications relating to their employment. Our checks will identify any problems in this area, report to you and aim to resolve the matter efficiently and appropriately, thereby reducing any liability you may have under current immigration laws. Where necessary, we will assist the employee in regularising their immigration status with you as the employer.